Shinn Funeral Home History

  Old Shinn Building

Shinn, Lemuel From the beginning, Shinn Funeral Service has been locally and family owned. Shinn Funeral Home was established in Russellville, Arkansas, in 1933 by Lemuel Avery Shinn and his wife, Ella Shinn. The new funeral home was located in a two-story structure at 319 South Commerce, in Russellville. When their son, Avery Shinn, returned from serving in the military in World War II, he and his wife, Ferne McFerrin Shinn, became active in the family business in 1946. As the area grew and families observed the caring service provided by the Shinn's, the business grew also. In February of 1975, the current facility at 800 West Main, in Russellville was dedicated.

In 1978, Van Moores and Johnny Morgan, both Russellville natives, became co-owners of the funeral home. Avery Shinn remained a part of the firm until his death in 1986. Van managed the insurance division of the business and served until his retirement in 1991. He remained active in the funeral home operations until June 2007.

In October, 1998, Ormond W. Peters, also a Russellville native, joined Shinn Funeral Service and became owner of Shinn Funeral Service in 2000. Johnny continued until November, 2002, as a management consultant and funeral director.

First Funeral Coach



Avery and Ferne Shinn web picAvery and Ferne Shinn were known for their attention to detail and caring, personal service. That is the heritage that every staff member of Shinn Funeral Service is expected to maintain. Even though we continue to enjoy the advantages and opportunities of the technological age, we have not forgotten that funeral service is still, and always has been, People Serving People. As a full service funeral home, we realize that it matters not what kind of technology we possess or how many programs we offer; there is still no substitute for caring, personal service and careful attention to detail. We are dedicated to that end.

At Shinn Funeral Service, we care about the individual needs of the people of our community. We believe in offering each family - regardless of faith, ethnic background or income - the same caring service we ourselves would expect. We listen to each family's wishes in order to provide a meaningful service. Every family that calls us is given guidance for a service that is appropriate with their desires.

 Shinn & Son web pic

First - Old funeral home located on South Commerce Avenue.
  Second - Lemuel Shinn reclining on porch of old funeral home.
Third - Lemuel and Ella Shinn seated in Russellville's first motorized hearse.
Fourth - Avery and Fern Shinn
Fifth - Avery Shinn outside funeral home.