Shinn Funeral Service offers an endless array of options for those families who choose a cremation service for the final disposition of their loved ones.  When a family chooses a cremation service, it does not mean the family can not have a traditional funeral at their church or at our chapel to celebrate the life of their loved one.  When choosing a cremation service, keep in mind the many options afforded, including...

  • A full church or chapel service with visitation and the use of our rental casket
  • Visitation with memorial service and the use of our rental casket for visitation
  • Visitation only with the use of our rental casket
  • Visitation with photos, memorabilia and/or the urn present
  • Memorial service at your church or at our chapel
  • Graveside memorial service

Call one of our experienced funeral directors today to discuss a cremation service that best fits the needs of your family and loved one.  



Secured identification system assures the body which is cremated is actually that of your loved one and that the cremated remains return to you are actually those of your loved one. 

Why is secured identification system unique?
Secured identification system does something that has never been done before, it creates a chain of custody for the deceased for the entire cremation process; from the moment the body is taken into the care of the funeral home until the family receives the cremated remains.  Secured identification system creates accountability between the funeral home and crematory, ensuring that the deceased is tracked through the entire process.

With the cremation rate in the Unites States increasing, Shinn Funeral Service makes every effort to ensure peace of mind to grieving families that their loved ones are handled with the utmost respect and dignity and to know that the cremated remains returned to them are, in fact, those of their loved ones. 

Please contact us today for more information regarding our cremation services and the Cremation Safeguard system.

Karri And OWP 3

Left to Right: Karri McClatchey- Licensed Funeral Director/Certified Crematory Operator and Arranger

Ormond Peters- Owner of Shinn Funeral Service

We at Shinn Funeral Service are pleased to announce that Karri McClatchey has successfully completed training as a Certified Cremation Arranger and Crematory Operator though the Cremation Association of North America.  These certifications will enable her more fully to serve the families who choose our services.