Funeral Services

Why Do We Have Funerals?

It is important to recognize and remember that funerals are for the living. It is through the funeral process that a number of emotional needs are met for those who have suffered a loss. Over the years, our commitment has been to provide you, your friends and neighbors with sound advice and personal service at times that can be emotionally trying.

A funeral is a rite of passage by which we recognize an important event that distinguishes our lives. Regardless of the final disposition, whether it is burial or cremation, funerals serve a valuable purpose. It declares that a death has occurred and commemorates the life that has been lived. It offers family and friends the opportunity to pay tribute to their loved one and friend. This will also provide emotional support to family and friends who have faced the reality of death and begin to step toward a healthy emotional adjustment.

Funeral Service Options
Even though most of our families still prefer the simplicity of the traditional funeral service, funerals are sometimes individualized to reflect the life of the deceased and to hold special meaning for family members and other survivors. It may reflect one's religious beliefs as a reaffirmation of faith in a life beyond this world. It may reflect the occupation, hobbies, social affiliation or even ethnic background of the deceased. No matter what style of service you desire, our staff has the education, training and experience to meet your needs.

Generally, a ceremony is conducted with the body of the deceased present. In this sense, the ceremony provides an occasion for saying final good-byes prior to the disposition of the body.

There are three basic forms of final disposition. The first is earth burial, which continues to be the form of disposition chosen most often. Cremation is a form chosen by some, where the body is reduced by intense heat to skeletal fragments that are then buried, placed in a memorial niche or kept by the family. Finally, entombment in a crypt is one of the oldest forms of disposition, dating back to Old Testament times.

Funerals are usually arranged and conducted by licensed and trained funeral directors that handle all the technical arrangements of the funeral as well as provide counsel on many of the personal issues. The cost of the funeral includes use of the funeral home facilities and equipment, motor vehicles and professional services provided by the funeral home staff. The merchandise purchased for a funeral, while varying considerably because of individual consumer preferences, will generally include such items as a casket, vault or grave liner, urn (if cremated) and cash advance items such as sales tax, opening and closing of the grave and death certificates.

Our insurance office is staffed to assist anyone in the purchase of funeral service insurance. Plans are available for individuals or families. These insurance programs can be tailored to suit the needs of each person by coverage amount and premium. We also assist families we are serving with any insurance claim.

We honor other funeral service insurance policies.